Saturday, January 30, 2010

Austin on a chilly day

Lauren was walking around my mom's property just outside of Austin on our last visit and just shooting what she saw. She caught some pretty cool pictures. I love this one!
A neat close up of some dry grass.

A dead butterfly that she found. He's a beauty!!!

It has been a long time since I have had a picture of Momma and Me. LOVE it!!!

And finally a wonderful picture of my lovely daughter, Lauren. I can't get her to pose for me anymore!! It's impossible, so I guess these will do for now. LOL I really should use this for next year's Christmas cards. I think she looks like a reindeer. Oooooh, she would love that....he he he!
Well, I need to clean up dinner. We had some awesome tacos tonight! I promise to post some crafty stuff tomorrow. I do have some new mini's to upload! I am sooo happy with how they turned out!!! Trying to steal a little time whenever I can as the job and kiddo keep me pretty busy...oh and hubby too. Thanks for taking a few minutes to stop by!
Hugs and blessings, Cheri

Pink Week Giveaway!!!

Scoot over to for some awsome PINK prizes by some super crafty and generous peeps! 10 whole days full of PINK PARTYNESS!!! I've got my party hat on and I'll be heading over there everyday to check out the newest giveaway! Good luck! & :) Hugs

Monday, January 4, 2010

Simple Stories by Memory Works

I just found this pretty darn cool scrapbooking site that you really need to check out!!! You can find it at I am so going over to check it out. I found it through Ali Edwards blog.

Y'all take care and hugs to all of you!

:) Cheri

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a beautifully Blessed 2010!!!

A picture of my dd w/my newest toy. She has also picked up the photo fever. LOVE this picture!!!

She took a ton of pictures of her gingerbread house and she did a pretty good job! If I do say so myself. lol :)

It has been a pretty busy and eventful holiday season this year! We had to let go of my lovely Nissan Xterra and get a Chevy Cobalt. Not really much of a comparison, but it will go to my daughter in about two years. If I can drive it that long. :) It's small, but it gets much better gas mileage! We took advantage of the cars for clunkers program and, because we were having so many problems with the Xterra, it worked out fine for us.

I was able to attend our church's Ladies' Retreat in November this year and took some pictures of my trip. Messiah's Ranch is a few miles east of College Station and is very rustic and peaceful. They are preparing the 'camp' for youth retreats as well and are in the process of building a few more cabins and infirmary. I really love it out there and always feel refreshed, renewed with God, and at peace to return to the hustle and bustle of life. The spider picture was unexpected and a little creepy, since I'm a bit phobic. It came out really cool though.

Then our furnace/ac motor went out and since we have a dinosaur of a system it is going to cost a mere $6,000 + to get a whole new package installed. Not too happy about that one, to say the least. I could have definitately spent that $$$$$ on something some lovely scrapping stuff! Needless to say my scrapbooking has suffered a bit recently and I have been a bad blogger because I'm a little discouraged. I have picked up some stuff on sale lately and plan on posting some pictures very soon. I made my first mini scrapbook and totally love it. So I will show you that very soon! And I also made a Christmas one for my Mom, that totally turned out too perfect! Very festive. Here's a little pic of my messy scrappy spot in my den. Work in progress, so it's a bit cluttered. I like it that way.

We are about to leave to go see 'Blindside' tonight because we haven't really done anything all day. We were LAZY couch potatos watching bowl games and making rice crispy treats. We also saw 'Avatar' twice and I have to encourage you to see it in 3D if you haven't seen it yet! It was sooooo awsome!

Thanks so much for taking a peek at my blog and I love all of your comments!

Hugs, XXXX