Monday, October 6, 2008

My favorite Card

This is my entry for 'my favorite card' on the Mara-May blog b/c I made it for my awesome Momma! I used my Cricut for the font and blue heart, Clear Stamps by Autum Leaves for the flourishes, MM ribbon, a bit of bling, and some metal heart buttons. Anyway...I really like it, but I haven't made many cards (.....yet). :)

Had a hard time getting a clear pic. of this b/c of lighting. I finally got a few good ones, but if you have any suggestions for how to get the right lighting for cards and scrapbook layouts let me know. Thanks a bunch!


Marlou said...

beautiful card!! love the flourishes, I have no tips for photography {not one of my strong points :( ) have a great day :)

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Well, the learning curve is a little slow on the photography thing. Just trying to speed it up a little. :) Thanks for the comments!

Christine said...

Lovely card, Cheri! I'm sure your mother will be blessed by it! :)

I love the shower of bling among the swirls and the charms are beautiful! The trim you used is so pretty, too!

As far as photographing cards, I try to take a photo of mine in the room that has the most natural light (which would be our dining room...LOL!). I usually take them during the day when it's brightest. I rarely use my flash. Then I use Photoshop to color-correct the image, if necessary, and to add a frame and my watermark.

Glad to see you creating more cards! They're so much fun to make! :-D