Sunday, June 14, 2009

Away at Youth Camp...

A little anxious today. My daughter went off to youth camp for the first time yesterday morning. She can't use her phone except as an alarm clock. I am missing her already and it doesn't help that we just watched the movie An American Crime last night. It was a good movie, a little off with the facts, but very disturbing...not for the faint of heart. And not the right movie to watch, when your 'baby' is with people that we casually know through church. I have been the one reasuring my hubby about the whole camp thing and now I am having doubts too.

I know she is totally going to have a ton of fun! And my worrying is unnecessary. Growing pains are not fun!!! I am praying that she will come back from this retreat renewed in her faith and on fire for Jesus! I need to get her something when she comes back. Maybe something from James Avery. We are off to see a movie! Hugs!!! Cheri

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Ila said...

Boy does this ever bring back memories!!....I felt the same way when my twin daughters went to camp years went well and one of them even ended up being a counselor at the camp in later years...It was a Christian camp as well and a wonderful experience for my daughters....and will probably be for your daughter too!!...Hugs, Ila